About Goodbye to Muck®

Goodbye To Muck & Weeds® offers environmentally-friendly alternatives to eliminate aquatic lakeweeds and control muck (mud) in lakes, rivers, and ponds.

We developed our flagship products, LakeMats® and MuckMats®, over a decade ago out of necessity in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

Simply put, we were tired of constantly raking weeds, sinking into the muck, and HATED the idea of throwing herbicides and other chemicals into the lake to control the weeds.

Since that moment, we have expanded from the United States to Canada and, as of 2021, Europe.

Our EU base is in Barcelona, Spain, which allows us to offer FREE shipping across the EU and the UK. There we source over 70% of our product from within Spain, helping to support the local economy and grow a sustainable business.

Who are we?

We’re Eric and Connor. We first met playing soccer (Futbol) against each other when we were 5 years old in Michigan. At that time we were rivals, but once we moved onto the same street a couple of years later, we were best friends. Although we have both worked in other ventures, we always had a strong tie to the environment since our childhoods.

Now, many Europeans might not know about Michigan, but if you look at a map of the US, it’s that one that looks like a glove and is surrounded by lakes. Growing up, during the spring and summer, we spent all our time on the water - swimming, fishing, sailing, and boating. In the winter when the lakes were frozen over, we’d play ice hockey until the wee hours of the night.

Needless to say, lakes and the health of lakes have always been a part of our lives.

Environmentally Friendly

Our mats are the least intrusive solution for controlling lake weeds & muck. Our unique fabric is gas and water permeable, it cannot harm fish and all other lakes "residents." It allows the benthic microorganisms to do their job, keeping your lake clean. Unlike toxic chemicals that spread over large areas, the small footprint of our Mat controls only the limited area you need clear to get kayaks, boats, or people in and out of the lake.