If you're looking for a firm solution to stabilize your dock/boat lift from the mucky bottom of lake, you've found the solution!

Our products are bes to deal with the muddy and weedy areas of your lake. By installing our mats you will no have to carry of weeds or soft areas in your lake!

The BoatLift Mat is a large mat designed to stabilize lifts on top of soft and mucky lake bottoms.

A solid foundation for your boat lift and a solid choice for dealing with lake muck.

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Leave it & Forget it

Leave it in the lake, ice can’t hurt it. The DockMat® will be ready for you the next summer when you are ready to install your dock again.

Our DockMats prevent your dock from sinking into the muck. Place the DockMat on the mucky lake bottom and then place your dock.

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