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Lilly pads for Lake

The presence of plants is an integral part of any ecosystem in the lake or pond. Aquatic plants, such as lily pads, also serve many purposes. In addition to creating oxygen, aquatic plants provide essential habitat for wildlife. However, lily pads (and other plants) control is especially important when the vegetation cover gets too thick.

Despite their beauty, lily pad’s care is necessary when plants begin to encroach on the overwhelming space of a lake or pond. Too many plants growing in the water can be a serious cause of concern, such as a negative effect on the overall health of the fish and a decrease in available oxygen (which the plants absorb at night). However, caring for lilies can be quite a challenge.

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How to stop the spread of lily pads

The underwater nature of lily pads makes their control quite challenging. In most cases, it is better to control these plants through prevention. This means that new plantings of lily pads should better be made in the form of potted crops. It minimizes the likelihood of the plant spreading through underground rhizomes. 

There are other ways of controlling lily pads. Removing the roots and rhizomes of the plant is difficult but possible. Most frequently, the process requires tools specifically designed to remove aquatic weeds.

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Root removal must be done carefully, as incomplete removal can cause the rhizomes to spread.

Many growers prefer to use a pond weed barrier. The weed barrier is placed on the bottom of the pond after removing all foliage and stalks of the lilies. This barrier prevents sunlight from reaching the rhizomes, ensuring they do not re-grow.

Chemical herbicides are another option for getting rid of lily pads from ponds. However, if you choose to use this method, you need to make sure to use only products that have been specifically identified for use in ponds. To ensure safe use, you need to read instructions and precautions. 

Water lilies can quickly ruin the appearance of a pond or lake and its recreational benefits. Control is best achieved by destroying the root system. When choosing the method of its removal, you have to be careful not to stimulate the growth of new plants. We recommend you take advice from experts. 

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