Lakefront Beach

Lakefront Beach Ideas

When deciding to remodel your lakefront, there are a variety of landscape designs you can choose to enhance your shoreline. For those lucky enough to be living lakeside, choosing the right design can spruce up the natural aesthetic of your waterfront home. 

Here are a few lakefront beach ideas, to help spark some inspiration.

Best Lakefront Beach Ideas

Many landscape ideas include additional characteristics such as retaining walls, boulders, and sand to foster the owner's desires and needs. 

Here are some of our favorite design ideas to draw inspiration from: 

Boulders and Coves

Coves are an excellent way to add flare to your lakefront while natural logs and boulders protect your shoreline and make for calmer swimming. 

This purposeful design creates habitat value and offers a sense of privacy while providing direct access to the lake. Boulders and logs can also act as a barrier between the water and your property.

Sandy Beaches 

Forget road trips to the beach and turn your lakefront into a little vacation by opting for a sandy beach

Having a beach on your property encourages you to spend more time enjoying the water as it makes water activities such as swimming, fishing, and sunbathing more convenient. This means you’ll get the most use out of your lake! 

When building a beach don’t forget to consider Goodbye to Muck’s SandMat. Our SandMat provides a good base over the lake to stop sand from shifting, drifting, and becoming part of the muck. It also prevents the growth of weeds by blocking light from aquatic vegetation and requires little to no maintenance.

Hardscaping and Retaining Walls

Building walkways and paths that lead to the lake can aesthetically draw more attention to the water’s edge. 

Other options include boardwalks and decks that can provide space for gathering. Another great idea is to build a lakeside fire pit so you can enjoy the lake views during the nighttime too! 

Retaining walls can also be a beautiful design technique for waterfront homes, but apart from looking nice, they’re also functional. Retaining walls prevent the soil from your yard from washing away. The multi-level surfaces also provide ample opportunity for gardens and plants.

Plants and Vegetation

Plants can look beautiful along the water's edge, but it's important to ensure the plants you are adding aren’t harmful to the lake’s natural ecosystem. 

Invasive plants can lead to overgrowth and depleted oxygen levels. Therefore homeowners must carefully choose plants that do not endanger the environment. 

To learn more about which plants and species are native to your environment, contact the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service or visit their website. 

Lakefront landscaping doesn't only improve the look and feel of your waterfront property but also protects your shoreline from erosion. 

Shoreline erosion can create many problems for you and your property. If left untreated, erosion can wash away your yard, weakening the barrier between your home and the water. On top of that, it’s not pretty and can lower your property value. 

Clean Lake

When is the Best Time for Lakefront Landscaping?

The best time of year to remodel your lakefront is the offseason, when the warmer months have passed but just right before winter, usually September through October. The off-season generally sees lower levels of water, making it easier for landscapers to work without damaging your yard. Timing-wise, you wouldn’t want to schedule shoreline landscaping during the summer when it’s mostly used. This makes fall the perfect time for landscape work.

Maintaining Your Lake with Goodbye to Muck

To keep your lakefront looking pristine all year, it's crucial to ensure weeds and mum are kept under control. 

That's where Goodbye to Muck comes in. 

Our MuckMat and LakeMats are specifically designed to keep your lake clean while ensuring the ecosystem within it stays healthy.

If weeds and muck are left to spread, it can quickly take over your lakefront, making it look unsightly. Apart from that, an overgrowth of unwanted species can deplete oxygen levels in your water, harming fish and other species that live in your lake and can even produce a foul odor.

The LakeMat and MuckMat are extremely effective in blocking sunlight from the aquatic vegetation below, making the water accessible for recreational activities such as swimming and boating. Plus, the textiles implemented into our products are high-grade and durable, meaning they will last you anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

Not only will our LakeMat and MuckMat keep your lake looking its absolute best without the use of chemicals, but it’s also extremely simple to install and inexpensive. Just place the mat anywhere you want to be weed-free, and voila! 

Our mats can be installed at any time, moved, or taken out when it’s no longer needed. 

They also come in a variety of sizes! 

Lakefront properties have endless opportunities to become your dream home. Proper planning is the key to a successful landscape job and getting the lakefront you’ve envisioned for your home.

Owning a waterfront property can come with many considerations. Aside from deciding how you want to landscape the water’s edge, you must also consider preventing the growth of weeds and muck. A good landscape job might as well go to waste if preventative actions against invasive plants and wildlife aren’t taken.

Goodbye to Muck Makes it Easy to Have a Lakefront Beach

Our variety of products, including the LakeMat and MuckMat will keep your lake clear of weeds and muck with minimal effort required. 

Our chemical-free and the inexpensive solution will ensure your waterfront property lives up to its fullest potential. 

Visit Goodbye to Muck today and enjoy your lake for many years to come with very little maintenance. Don’t let weeds and muck disrupt your lakeside living!

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