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How to make a sand beach with our SandMat®

Before you start building a sand beach on a lake, you need to plan thoroughly and understand the technology involved in building such facilities. It should be said from the outset that it might be a costly affair in terms of time and finances. To achieve a desired result you need to consider every detail when developing the project of your beach area. If you plan to simply mow the reeds or weeds on the shore and finish the project, it does not mean that you are planning to make a beach, it will be a good place for fishing.

Here we will talk about a nice beach area you can create using SandMat® and enjoy with your friends and family. 

Construction steps:

Study the lake bottom topography

This is the first thing professionals recommend you start with when setting up your own beach area. If you have a gentle, sandy shoreline, this is an ideal scenario, but this is usually a rare case. In most cases, the lake or pond bottom is muddy with many lake weeds, lowlands, and slopes. This beach cannot be called safe, so you will have to work on it. In this case, you will have to bring sand to the area and then flatten it on the bottom, creating a flat area with a normal depth.


Prepare the shore

Once the work with the bottom is finished, you can think about organizing the beach area to make it comfortable. Get rid of all unnecessary big vegetation, both in the water and on the shore, and remove unnecessary trees, bushes, cattails, and litter. It is important to create a clean, marked area that is comfortable to work with. Vegetation and topsoil also should be removed near the water entrance as here a sandy sunbathing area will be organized. 

Here it is important to notice that SandMat® can be laid on top of the weeds and muck, so there is no need to weed out the vegetation until they are completely eradicated. SandMat® will stop weed growth in the muck by keeping light from aquatic vegetation (no chemicals!). It also prevents erosion of your topsoil.

Install SandMat® 

It would be best if you had no special skills, experience, or equipment. They can be used singly or in groups depending on the size of your beach area. Simply place the mat on top of the prepared area and put sand on it. The SandMat provides excellent “soil separation”. It keeps your sand from mixing with the dirt below it, plus it will prevent aquatic weeds from growing through the sand.

Advise: don't fill the whole area with sand, and don’t remove all the trees, as their shade also can be used for the better organization of the recreation area. 

With the SandMat®, you get the aesthetic value of a beach at your lake or pond. SandMats are much cheaper than other sand-retaining devices. They also have a long lifespan and will last at least fifty years. If you have any doubts - don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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