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The story of Goodbye to Muck & Weeds began many years ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA (you can read more about it here). More than 10 years have passed, and the company has grown, gained happy customers all over the world, and strives to help all people who are looking for a way to improve the quality of their lake and beach area to enjoy it without thinking of problems with lake weeds or mud. Here you’ll find a quick overview of the company’s products, and can learn more about them on the website. 

Let’s start with the differences between ours Mats

  1. MuckMat® 

  2. is a mat for a lake that rests on your lake bottom and creates an instant, firm, weed-free area to walk on without sinking in muck. It is made of tough, geotextile fabric, reinforced with geogrid on a rugged steel frame. Muckmat® has a special layer (geogrid) that prevents you from sinking into the muck and creates a firm, secure bottom. It also eliminates the growth of aquatic weeds. So, MuckMat® works for both - muck and lake weeds. 

  3. LakeMat® 

  4. is a mat for a lake that eliminates the growth of aquatic weeds at the bottom of your lake area. The LakeMat® prevents photosynthesis by not allowing sunlight to pass through the geosynthetic material. This way, it kills off all the lake weeds below the mat. It comes in 3 different sizes that are easily linked together to get rid of aquatic weeds for your entire lakefront. 

  5. Boatlift Mat® 

  6. is a mat for lake that serves as a solid foundation for your boat lift. It is designed to stabilize lifts on top of soft and mucky lake bottoms. It prevents the hassle of removing the boatlift when the summer season ends. The mat creates a solid surface for the legs of the boatlift to rest on. BoatLift Mats® are very durable as they are built to sustain the weight of your boat and lift.The frame is 1½” thick, aluminized steel, which does well against corrosion and rust. The fabric is a polypropylene woven mesh material which can hold up to 6,000 lbs once it’s assembled and placed properly. 

lake mat
  1. Sand Mat®

  2. is a mat for lake that forms a base over lake or pond bottom on which sand can rest. Killing all the aquatic weeds on the lake bed, which prevents aquatic weeds from growing through the sand. This mat for lake also prevents the sand from mixing with the soil, keeping a sand beach looking nice and clean. Sandmats are easy to install, safe, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. They are an effective way to stop sand erosion.

  3. Muck SandMat® 

  4. is a mat for lake that creates a solid foundation and keeps your shore from eroding - provides excellent “soil separation” - keeps your sand from mixing with dirt, mud and muck below it. This mat retains sand and keeps down weeds without using chemicals. Simply lay the Muck SandMat over the muck and then place sand over it to create a perfect beach area. 

  5. DockMat® 

  6. is a mat for lake that prevents your dock from sinking into the muck. The material is tough and made to support heavy loads that provides a firm base for roll-in and standard docks. The ultra-strong, over-sized, aluminum-steel tube framing system will hold your lift no matter how deep the muck is. Simply place the DockMat on the mucky lake bottom and then place your dock.DockMat

Muck Mat

It is worth noting here, all mats for lakes are environmentally-friendly. The unique fabric is gas and water permeable, it cannot harm fish and all other lakes "residents." It allows the benthic microorganisms to do their job, keeping your lake clean. Unlike toxic chemicals that spread over large areas, the small footprint of our Mat controls only the limited area you need to clear to get kayaks, boats, or people in and out of the lake.

If you are having any questions or doubts choosing your mat for lake, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you! 

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