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Best blanket weed treatment - LakeMat

Do you have problems with lake bottom plants but don't know the best blanket weed treatment? Well, you've come to the right place because Goodbye to Muck can help you eliminate the unnecessary lake plants that affect the aspect and the ecosystem of the water. LakeMat is a revolutionary solution that is chemical-free and easy to install. Forget about the old methods of getting rid of lake plants like herbicides or pulling the weeds with bare hands. These are time-consuming methods. LakeMat makes it easy to have a clean lake. Let's find out more about this product and why you should choose it instead of other ways. 

What is a blanket weed and how to choose the best blanket weed treatment?

A blanket weed is a filamentous type of pond algae with long, green fibers. It can grow quickly and spread rapidly if it's not treated. This type of algae can either float freely on the pond's water surface or stick to the pond walls and rocks, as well as plants. Like all other forms of algae, blanket weed reproduces by spores. These spores can be found in the air and carried to other ponds by birds, amphibians, and plants. Blanket weed can cause pond pumps and filters to clog, particularly in fishponds with a lot of fish, resulting in a build-up of fish waste and an environmental problem. Other blanket weed-related issues include fish being trapped in the weed and therefore unable to free themselves, as well as low levels of oxygen caused by high amounts of algae.

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How to choose the best blanket weed treatment for your pond?

It is not easy to choose the best blanket weed treatment for your pond due to the many products on the market. But let's see are effects of the excessive algae in your lake or pond.

First of all, with an excessive number of algae flowering in your lake, the oxygen level will decrease, and the sunlight will be blocked for the underwater plants. Because of the lack of oxygen in your lake, aquatic life can't survive. Secondly, the so-called blue-green algae bloom in freshwater lakes and ponds can be very toxic to fish and wildlife. It is not recommended to be applied chemical treatments, especially during extended periods of sweltering weather, because of the risk of significant scale toxin release or oxygen depletion. It is safer to use aeration methods or apply nutrient deprivation products. 

We all want to have a clean and healthy lake, and this could be done with a blanket weed treatment. It is safer and easy to use. The blanket weed is something to get rid of because of the unsightly appearance and the bacteria that could be lethal to fishes. A blanket weed acts like a sunlight barrier that stops the photosynthesizing process of the aquatic weeds that eventually kills them. This process of lake weed control is known as the benthic barrier. 

Lakes are the perfect spots to cool off during the hot summer days. But the algae on the lake could stop you from enjoying it. So, to resolve this problem efficiently, we recommend the LakeMat from Goodbye to Muck. The LakeMat is similar to a lake bottom blanket but has some differences that make it the best blanket weed treatment. 

Why LakeMat is the best weed blanket treatment for your pond?

How can you tell that you choose the best weed blanket treatment for your waterfront? Well, with LakeMat will prove to you that all its characteristic makes it the best solution to get rid of the algae that affect the water and the wildlife of your lake.

Chemical-free and cost-effective

 Because it doesn't utilize chemicals or needs the labour and technology that procedures like cutting, raking, rolling, dredging, and harvesting do, the LakeMat is a safer and more cost-effective option to water treatment methods. Also, you don't have to replace it very soon because it can last for many years. The LakeMat does not require yearly applications, maintenance, the outlay for materials, or power to run it. LakeMat materials are all-natural and organic.


The LakeMat is an effective way to eliminate lake weeds. It blocks the sunlight efficiently to get on the bottom of the lake. Your lake will have a more aesthetic appearance, and you will have the chance to use it with your family on hot summer days. 

You can move it anywhere you want

The LakeMat can be easily removed and placed wherever you need it. When you don't use it anymore, you can take it out from the lake and store it until you need it again. 

Gas control 

The LakeMat from Goodbye to Muck maintains dissolved oxygen levels under the surface and has gas relief vents that allow gas from rotting weeds to escape. This protects the microorganisms that dwell beneath the blanket or mat from injury and maintains consistent oxygen levels in the environment.

LakeMat – the best weed blanket treatment

LakeMat is one of the best weed blanket treatments because it is eco-friendly, effective, inexpensive, easy to move and use and has the most robust geo-textile materials on the planet that last for at least 20 years. You can enjoy the water without worrying about sinking to the muck/weeds below, even in shallower areas because of the strong geo-textiles using the same soil stabilization technology that the U.S. Interstate Highway System uses.

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